Home based business launches new product

Back 2 Family Basics launched their first product "The Budgeting Package" recently, at the Orange Ex-Services Club. Helping them to celebrate the launch was State member Russell Turner, Mayor John Davis, Bruce Buchanan from the Business Enterprise Centre, and many local businesses that assisted Back 2 Family Basics to become established.

The Budgeting Package can help you sort your finances, find that extra money you didn't know you had, and help you to get serious about saving money. This can be done independently or as a workshop. There are three packages available with the opportunity to link into workshops also. For further information on our workshops please contact us. Or, to purchase a package visit our products page.

Paul and Fiona Rossiter came up with the idea to create templates and design packages to assist families with their everyday needs after their experiences in life, while raising eight children, moving to a new country, (with no immediate family to help), caring for a family on a low single income and with the help and advice they received from their friends along the way.

Available soon will be "Your P.I.K", a personal information kit where you can document your journey through life, and a book they have written called “Growing Great Families". Watch this space! Better still register for our newsletter and receive regular updates and hear what’s new and being discussed.