An Adventure with Limitations!

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have no form of electronic communication for a week because access is not available. Let’s not stop there, additionally you would be limited with electricity because you are on solar power and any water you use is captured by a tank for drinking or for bathing/showering that water would come directly from a river.
You would be many miles from a shop and would use produce from the land. Petrol is limited so walking or riding a bike become the familiar form of transport.

Now for the final part, this is a holiday you have planned and you have 6 children (1 child and 5 teenagers) plus an additional friend with you. How do you think this week long holiday worked out?

Come on write to us and tell us what your thoughts on the information we have just given you and then as we gain more discussion we will fill you in on what actually did happen. It’s very interesting!