testimonials 4"It was a joy to spend time watching Paul and Fiona in action with their wonderful family. I realised I was observing two experts who have so much knowledge to share. Paul and Fiona have PhDs in how to build outstanding families."
Paul Smith Psychologist & Author

testimonials 3"I find the Budgeting Package a huge help in my busy life. After recently purchasing a house at the age of 20 I find I need to be careful with money. With constantly rising interest rates, I find it really easy and practical to manage my money with this package. Whilst using this system I can also see on paper where I waste or over spend then I am able to make the changes needed and see the improvement in my finances. Now I am able to plan and stick to a budget I can afford to pay off extra on my mortgage and have spare money to enjoy life. This is a great tool to use!"
Bradley Munro Orange NSW

testimonials 6"Being a first home buyer and a person who lived off money as I got it since leaving home, I found it very hard to save for bills, let alone a holiday or special event. Using the annual expense sheet I was able to gauge the money I needed over the year to live my current life style. I was able to plan ahead and really had my life back in order. I found the package an excellent tool to assess where I was wasting money and to see where I could make changes to better utilise my available money".
Kirstin Rossiter Orange NSW

testimonials 5"Finding work in a supermarket at fourteen years of age, I soon learnt the value of money. I started to use the Budgeting Pack straight away and noticed my savings account increasing from week to week. At fifteen and a half I had purchased my first car, ready for my L's at sixteen, wow that was a good feeling. (I should mention that my sister and younger brother have also bought their own cars before they were sixteen, using this system.) At eighteen I was offered a full time job as a Department Manager and had to move away to a country town, then came the responsibility of renting a unit and paying all the bills. The Budgeting Pack has helped me to manage my finances and I would recommend the use of direct debiting, (something I wouldn't have thought of) now when I receive my quarterly bills I am surprised to find that some of them, are actually in credit."
Jonathon Rossiter Parkes NSW