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Australian Family Matters
A community web-site for families

Family Friendly and Fun places
Great Family Friendly Fun places to visit

Community Forum
Link into the forum on Australian Family Matters and join the discussions in the many and varied topics to do with life. The forum is a great way to connect with other people and share your thoughts. You can even post your own questions for discussion.

Orange Base Hospital Fairy Sparkle Garden
Orange Base Hospital has one of the most magnificent Fairy Sparkle gardens in NSW. Visit the Fairy Sparkle photo gallery.

Fairy Sparkle
A loyal supporter of Fiona and Paul and has provided a Forward in the book Growing Great Families. Fairy Sparkle is renowned for her tireless work when establishing and supporting Fairy Sparkle garden's throughout Australia. There is other work that Fairy is involved in and this can be viewed on her web-site. The gardens Fairy provides along with the help of communities allow for a secure haven in which families and children can escape to when undertaking hospital treatment. They are a magical place to visit and Orange Base Hospital is fortunate to have one. Visit Fairy Sparkle's site to view or click here for photo galleries.

Little Bundle
Comfort and Inspiration for new parents. At little bundle they will help you manage the emotions and issues that face you as a new parent.

NSW Family Services
The aim of NSW Family Services is the promotion of quality support services provided by non-government organisations in NSW and ACT to families experiencing stress.

Ronald McDonald House

Oz Artist KK
Artist KK's Artwork

1000 Peace Cranes


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Wellness House
Has the holistic approach to health care, located at 55 Bathurst Road Orange NSW. They are also great supporters of Back to Family Basics having the Budgeting Pack and Growing Great Families books on sale on site.

Worldly Treasures
Worldly Treasures have a mystery of treasures at their residents! You will find it very engaging and enchanting when you visit along with finding copies of the Growing Great Families and Budgeting Pack available on site at 232 McLachlan Street, Orange.

Neil McGinn
Has been a great supporter of Australian Family Matters (Not for Profit Organisation which Back 2 Family Basics sponsor) and provides a digital image service and solutions bringing graphics, technology and the environment together.

Edit Online
Edit online was the chosen editor for the new book Growing Great Families. We are pleased to recommend the service of Jo Hopping as an editor when developing our book. Additionally you can view current books in which Jo has already been involved in such as the 4 Ingredient books by Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker. View these and the Growing Great Families book at

Sam Hain Marketing
Marketing means many things to many people. To us it is the art & science of developing profitable relationships with customers by delivering the right product, using the most efficient channels at an appropriate price, through effective communication. This has been very much the case for Paul and I after working with Sam when developing a marketing strategy and media release for our business "Back 2 family basics" not to mention the upcoming release of our new book "Growing Great Families".

Book City
Margaret and Phil are the proud owners of Book City Orange and have confirmed they will supply the book "Growing Great Families" to their customers. Margaret Schwebel was a finalist in the recent Orange Outstanding Employee for the Business Awards in Orange, so this is a good indication of the service they provide. They are located at 230 Summer street Orange NSW. Be on the look out also for the book launch for Growing Great Families in conjunction with Book City.........coming soon! You will find our books on sale now though at Book City Orange NSW

Goldendoodles Australia
Goldendoodles Australia strive to produce the best quality, family orientated and well socialised puppies for family and service sectors alike. Adele and Adam having a family of their own have become great fans of Back 2 family basics and are constantly marketing the practical, inspiring and fun initiatives they have found in the "Growing Great Families" book. Be sure to purchase yours now before they sell out.

Feng Shui by Sakura
FengShui by Sakura fuses the ancient eastern art of Feng Shui with the western desire to achieve prosperity, harmony and wellbeing in everyday living. Being people who value the art of Feng Shui and the principles, we recently were visited by Mariko who shared with us remedies for our business and home. Mariko is interested in our business concept and says "I think what you have can help a lot of parents and it is great timing during this baby boom."

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AllWebCo Design
Professional quality templates for business and personal use.


Councillor Rossiter's Blog
Apart from her Councillor role, Fiona was the Electorate Woman of the Year for 2006 and is involved with the Health Liaison committee, Fairy Sparkle Garden, Star Search, Ronald McDonald House, Justice of the Peace and does Guest Speaking performances.

Rurals Women's Network

Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

Australian Local Government Women's Association