About Us

Paul and Fiona arrived in Orange in 1991 after leaving Scotland . They were actually passing through Orange and decided to stop overnight as their children were restless. Needless to say they didn't move on and Orange became their home. They arrived in Orange with two children and another on the way it didn't take long for them to meet up with other parents and develop friendships that they still hold dear to them today. Paul and Fiona love family life and wouldn't swap it for the world, and their family life is quite unique given that they now have six children in Australia and two more children overseas. In 2006 they also became Foster Parents. They have four grandchildren and feel very blessed.

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Paul is the backbone for the family and with the help of their children, makes it possible for Fiona to work with the community. They believe that they are very lucky to live in a community that works so hard to support all the people that live in and around their town. Fiona and Paul are passionate about working for the greater good of all families and believe that becoming a family should be an experience to be enjoyed and treasured. Paul has encouraged Fiona to do many things in her life one of which was to set up this website.

Their family has always been involved closely with the community, and Fiona is a member of many fundraising committees. In 2009, she became one of the founding members of the newly established Ronald McDonald House for Orange . The Orange committee, with the help of the people of the central west, hopes to raise 1.5 million dollars so that they can have the first house in the Mid West and the 13th house with McDonalds. This house is crucial to families as the distances some people have to travel are extraordinary. For further details visit the fundraising section at Australian Family Matters.


Fiona is also heavily involved with the community through her Councillor role, Woman of the Year, Health Council, Fairy Sparkle Garden, Star Search, Ronald McDonald House, Community Radio Show, Justice of the Peace, Toastmasters and her Guest Speaker appearance at Going Public in October 2006. For future plans and involvements that Fiona and her family become involved in be sure to visit our site regularly. If you would like certain topics discussed or particular information displayed then please contact us and help us make this site user friendly for you.


Fiona and Paul could write a book about the 'how to' of fundraising and working with teams. The Rossiter family have lent a hand to the Relay for life, Salvation Army Door Knock Appeal, Care Flight Miss Orange, Shave for a cure, helped in construction with Orange Adventure Playground, School fundraisers, Jump Rope for Heart and Miss Epilepsy, Fairy Sparkle Garden at Hospital and Star Search. Fiona believes that children learn from these experiences some very important values, such as respect and trust. Fiona also believes that children can be really good teachers and that we just need to stop and take the time to notice what they are showing and telling us. In the future Fiona would like to do more Public Speaking and work on developing and presenting programs 


In the future...

Paul and Fiona plan to make life much easier for people, through their products that are on sale. The products they have produced are simple in their method as well as practical for you in achieving your goals and objectives. Their future goals include producing more practical items to benefit those in need of support for the basics of running a home and family life.

Items include:

  • Incentive/ Decentive kits
  • Holiday Packages and
  • Two further books

In the future you will see a shop front where you will have the ability to purchase products as well as a time out area for folks to share information further and network.

All we can say just now is "watch this space"!