It all starts with a seed...

Back2familybasics is a family partnership that has designed and created a broad range of useful resources to assist people of all ages. These products will give you a better understanding of families, finances, social interactions and activities, and are all based on Paul and Fiona's personal experiences after bringing up a large family on a low income.

Fiona and Paul established their business in 2007, with the goal of helping people obtain the basic skills needed to improve their life, finances and quality time with their families. The packages and resources created by Fiona and Paul are all based upon the life lessons they have learnt while moving to a new country and raising eight children, becoming foster parents, and shaping a unified family.

Without a doubt this material will re-invigorate you, just the way nature intended. It reflects upon Fiona and Paul's own life experiences, as well as the valuable help and advice shared with them by many good people – and uses the analogy of nature as a learning tool. To find out more about Fiona and Paul, and their life's journey visit the about us section.